Desperately Seeking Music Equality: Looking Beyond Macklemore’s ‘same Love’ Success

Not one. I was also hard-pressed to find LGBTQ artists on my screen. The combination of this apparent homogeneity with a straight, white artist like Macklemore winning a Moon Man for a song about same-sex marriage left me feeling uncomfortable at best. His dominating presence at the award show and in the mainstream music industry calls for another conversation about diverse identities within the music world. The issue is not that he performs a song about the queer equality movement. His video for “Same Love” was the obvious winner for “Video With a Message” given its popularity, viral outreach, and content. Support is support, and I don’t really feel the need to cut him down for using his fame to advocate for an important cause. Celebrities do that all the time. Sure, Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis made a pretty penny from the song’s success, but I’m willing to take the popularity as an indication of America’s shifting viewpoint on sexuality and not as a slimy moneymaking move on the part of the artist. Plus, Mary Lambert, who is featured on the track, is an out lesbian who writes about the social issues that affect her as a queer woman all the time. She’s not the one getting the credit, though, which brings me to my next point.

Music and Evil: Top 20 Halloween Songs (Pt. 1)

You guys know I love autumn. I love hayrides and candied apples. I love hating candy corn and eating cookies and cupcakes. I like being in a place where things are creepy and scary. To transform a normal setting into a dark and horrific nightmare is not hard. I’ll talk about that in another article….But today, we’re going to discuss the music that was made specifically for the mainstream. Bands that are NOT dark all year round. This is stuff you’ve heard on the radio, so it’s not just some obscure melodies that I’ve found. But songs like this would be cheating….See? It’s too easy because it’s just a song that’s brutal. My criteria in it’s summarized form is that it has to be a song that could play at a Halloween party. I am going to haunt your soul with some creepy vibes, man. You feel that? It’s the Top 20 Halloween Songs!!

Sunburn 2013: The music festival lives up to the hype

Delhi: 2 constables dismissed from duty for allegedly assaulting minor girl

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