New York Film Fest: ‘walter Mitty’s’ Ben Stiller, Castmates, Producers Talk Inhabiting Multiple Worlds

Aaron Showalter/New York Daily News The March 16 1983 edition reported on student demonstrators marching in the Bobst Library, in protest against student exclusion from tuiton. Those involved, including de Blasio, were threatened with expulsion. In one interview with the school paper, de Blasio seemed chastened by his defeats. He admitted that his coalition had to battle stereotypes created by the activist label, and he vowed to take a more innovative approach with no set ideologies to attract broader support. But his setbacks did not diminish de Blasios interest in political organizing. After graduation, he joined the 1984 presidential campaign of Democrat Walter Mondale as a field organizer in Connecticut. By now, he was calling himself Bill de Blasio, taking his mothers maiden name because, he has said, he identified with her family after his parents divorced. TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images A more peaceful Washington Square Park as it looks today. While working out of the campaigns Hartford office, he met another young Democrat with a passion for liberal politics Herbert Block, a rabbis son from New York. De Blasio made an impression with his ability to tune out distractions and accomplish goals. Hes organized and good at making things get done, Block said. After Mondales defeat, de Blasio moved to expand his world-view, enrolling in the masters program at Columbia Universitys School of International and Public Affairs. Following his graduation in May 1987, he signed up with the Maryland-based Quixote Center to help provide food and clothing to Nicaragua at a time when the pro-Marxist Sandinistas ran the government there.

“How do you pull off a movie about a daydreamer, especially now, when we’re all just daydreaming? I mean, we f—ing pay $500 to carry daydreams around,” Oswalt told THR, pulling out his smartphone. “So that really pulled me in, like they’re going to do Walter Mitty now, post-Twitter, post-Instagram? Let’s see what they do.” ANALYSIS: ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ Splits Critics, Charms Festivalgoers at NYFF Producer John Goldwyn, whose grandfather Samuel Goldwyn produced the original film, said having the film debut as the centerpiece gala screening at the festival allowed them to show that the new version of Walter Mitty is different from the ones that came before. “The fact that the New York Film Festival selected us gave us the opportunity to have a real platform for the world to understand that the movie is different. It’s not a remake. It’s not a rehash of anything old,” he explained. The fact that the movie was filmed and takes place in Stiller’s hometown also made it appropriate for a Gotham debut, Cornfeld told THR. “Ben is a real New Yorker. We could have shot this movie in any city, but Ben was very insistent upon New York,” Cornfeld said. “He feels an affinity for the city; he feels there’s an energy — all the New York stuff that he wanted to capture. And he felt that if you’re going to tell the story of somebody who is not quite engaged in life, it is very good to put that person in an environment where there’s so much life around.” The parts of the movie that weren’t shot in New York were filmed in Iceland, and the extraordinary adventures Mitty has include some impressive stunts and special effects.

New York City Opera Files for Bankruptcy

city cant support two operas. Such institutions must be flexible, vigilant and constantly making their case to their constituencies, he said. I would argue in a city of New Yorks size, cultural sophistication and resources that it would be possible to have two entirely vibrant and distinct opera companies, Koelsch said in a phone interview before the filing. The bankruptcy is a good time to pause and reflect on just how fragile some of these institutions are. Urgent Notice The company last week posted an urgent notice on its website seeking donations to help raise $20 million, including $7 million it said it needed by Sept. 30 for the current season. The remaining productions for this season were Johann Christian Bachs Endimione, Bela Bartoks Bluebeards Castle and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro, according to the website. The company sat out the 2008-09 season, while the New York State Theater (renamed for donor David Koch ) was renovated. In late 2008 and early 2009, the board of directors used $24 million from its endowment to meet payroll and other obligations and hasnt been able to repay it, according to the filing. City Operas endowment totaled $5.02 million for fiscal year 2012, down from $9 million a year earlier and $55 million several years ago, according to the filing. The endowment lost $14 million during the stock market decline, the company said in the filing. Poor Decision According to an accounting of New York City Operas financial collapse filed in the bankruptcy court , the opera company made a poor decision in the mid-2000s when it chose to increase the number of performances of standard repertoire warhorses to reduce costs and increase audiences.