New York Road-rage Incident: Three Nypd Cops Took Part In Motorcycle Ride

New York City Opera Files for Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy will protect the opera from creditors and provide a forum for negotiating debts and possibly selling assets. The opera listed New York City Ballet as one of its biggest unsecured creditors, with a claim of $1.6 million, according to the petition. The operas lawyer, Kenneth Rosen of Lowenstein Sandler LLP, said on Sept. 30 that the opera would be liquidated or possibly sold in court to another cultural or educational institution. Canceled Season In an e-mail statement on Oct. 1, George Steel , the artistic director and general manager since 2009, said the company canceled its 2013-12014 season. Anna Nicole finished its run on Sept. 28. New York City Opera co-produced Anna Nicole with the Brooklyn Academy of Music . New York City Opera did not achieve the goal of its emergency appeal, he wrote. New York City Operas projected deficit for fiscal year 2012 was $44.1 million, although it had a balanced operating budget in recent years, according to the filing. The operas long-term structural deficit problems started in 2003, and it blamed its financial condition on a troubled economy, decreased donations, and increasing pension obligations, according to the filing. Closing down would mark the end of a company established as the peoples opera by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia that became a training ground for young talent that included Beverly Sills and Placido Domingo. It would also leave New York with one remaining major company, the 128-year-old Metropolitan Opera. Donated Elsewhere Cultural institutions and their donors suffered in the financial crisis that started in 2007, and as the economy recovered their donations went elsewhere, said Ted Gavin, a partner at the turnaround and restructuring company Gavin/Solmonese LLC in Wilmington, Delaware .

The passenger and rear windows were smashed. Meanwhile, one of the bikers hit by the SUV continues to recuperate in the hospital. On Friday, Edwin Mieses Jr. emerged from a coma and opened his eyes. His family held a press conference led by their attorney, Gloria Allred. She insists Mieses is an innocent victim who was trying to help . “I know my son, and I know he is always ready to try to help people,” Edwin Mieses Sr. told reporters. “Emotions got the best of several people last Sunday.” On Saturday morning, the NYPD announced that they were looking for at least one more suspect. Meanwhile, charges for the two men currently in custody are expected to be filed once they determine what specific roles those men had in the altercation. Watch Terrell Brown’s report in the player above 2013 CBS Interactive Inc.

New York case offers insight into secret war against Somali militants

The argument is a stretch, to put it mildly. Since a state cant directly limit a PACs independent expenditures, it cannot attack those same expenditures by limiting individual contributions to the PAC. The only legitimate reason a state might have for limiting campaign contributions limiting corruption doesnt apply to contributions to an independent committee. Nor is there even the chance of an appearance of corruption since contributions to an independent committee are twice removed from direct contributions to a candidate. Tossing New Yorks limit would also make the mayoral race more democratic. One candidate, Bill de Blasio, now enjoys name recognition, a 50-point lead in the polls, and an almost overwhelming advantage in financial contributions. The other candidate, Lhota, has little name recognition, much less financial backing and is mostly unknown to city voters. Its absurd to claim that ending New Yorks unconstitutional limits will produce a gusher of spending by outside individuals and groups that will unfairly benefit Lhota, much less harm New York voters. On the contrary, New York voters will get the benefit of a more evenly-matched race one where ideas can count for more than de Blasios built-in advantages of clout and easy access to campaign contributions. Yes, some donations to the PAC will come from out of state. But independent spending made possible by donors with no ongoing connection to New York politics poses even less of a threat of quid pro quo corruption. Such donors cant possibly expect to benefit from New York City political favors.

New York’s campaign-finance limits are illegal

Defense lawyers and even some U.S. and European security sources question the timing of the U.S. government’s claim, which came after international uproar over a gas attack in Syria. They said there is little evidence pointing to Shabaab’s involvement in chemical weapons. HASHI’S JOURNEY Hashi, the former London resident, traveled a perilous course in which apparently he ran afoul of both al Shabaab and Western intelligence. In 2010, British authorities revoked Hashi’s British citizenship, meaning that when he was later picked up by the Americans, he could make no appeal to London for help. Sources familiar with the case said the British took this action because they had insufficient evidence to prosecute Hashi for terrorism-related offenses under British law, but did not want him to return to Britain. During sojourns with al Shabaab in Somalia, Hashi acted as an associate, or lieutenant, to a high-ranking leader of the group named Bilal Al-Berjawi, those familiar with his case said. Berjawi was reportedly wounded in a 2011 air strike on an al Shabaab base. That same year, British authorities revoked his British citizenship. British officials declined to comment on the case. In January 2012, Berjawi was reported killed in a U.S. drone strike. Al Shabaab leaders grabbed Hashi, imprisoned him, and beat him up, possibly because they suspected he had some role in Berjawi’s death, said a source familiar with the case. But eventually al Shabaab “cleared” Hashi and he left the group with the two Swedes, the source said.