Openhouse New York Opens Doors And Eyes

New York Giants’ horrendous season continues with 36-21 loss against Philadelphia Eagles

This year, OHNY presents over 200 separate properties and programmed events that extend well into the night, including Times Square spectaculars , stargazing at historic Woodlawn Cemetery , and a guided tour of the Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant , designed by Ennead , where giant steel-clad digester eggs light up against the sky in the most magical display of sewage ever. Some of New Yorks newest, oldest, greenest, most beautiful, and most significant buildings are featured, many of them otherwise closed to the public. Visitors are welcomed back to perennial favorites like Central Synagogue , the Little Red Lighthouse tucked under the George Washington Bridge, and Jefferson Market where the hardy can climb 149 stairs to the top of the circular tower for 360-degree views of Greenwich Village. There are family events, nature walks, and open chat sessions with curators, design professionals, and others knowledgeable about featured properties. There are also behind-the-scenes tours of facilities like the newly renovated Museum of the City of New York , and also the Citibike warehouse in Greenpoint, which has no architectural distinction but has unstemmed cultural impact. This year OHNY presents more residential properties than ever before, including 20 specially selected by Interior Design Magazine and Designers Open House to showcase the private homes of noteworthy contemporary architects and designers. In its 11-year life, OHNY weekend has deliberately worked to address a full range of urban interests, whether experienced on screen, by foot, bike, or even canoe. A full list is available online and in printed form at key outlets throughout the city. Background OHNY began when architect Scott Lauer returned to New York in the late 1990s, after having lived in England and been a volunteer for Open House London (established 1992). In 2001 he pitched the idea of launching a similar program to receptive organizations in New York and thus founded the second of what is now a family of 17 Open House cities worldwide. Lauer conceived OHNY prior to September 11 but in its aftermath, when security was heightened and property owners were reluctant to welcome in the public, OHNYs mission assumed even greater significance. By the time New Yorks first Openhouse weekend took place in 2003, OHNY executive director Gregory Wessner explained, People were beginning to realize that you cant live in a closed security state forever.

New York case offers insight into secret war against Somali militants

Obama has not renounced the practice, and U.S. military forces on Saturday staged a second raid, in Libya, capturing Abu Anas al-Liby, whom the United States has indicted for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. After being held for a time in a Djibouti prison – where the former al Shabaab militants allege they were treated roughly by local authorities – they were questioned by a team of U.S. investigators, who said little about their objectives or identities. Then they were questioned by a second U.S. team who identified themselves as FBI investigators. Then, with little or no judicial review in Djibouti, the men were flown to New York. After first being detained in secret, they were charged in November and ordered held without bail. SEEKING INFORMATION A main objective of the U.S. operation appears to have been to collect intelligence about al Shabaab.

Fall Festivals in Richmond

Tuck had better be ready for a fight this week. New York seemingly had every advantage against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, but was defeated 36-21. Home-field advantage? That meant nothing for New York. (USA TODAY Sports) Hakeem Nicks with nine receptions for 142 yards? Talk about a wasted effort. Then there is Eli Manning , who is playing like a quarterback who deserves to be omitted from the “Book of Manning.” He completed 24-of-52 passes for 334 yards and two touchdowns. However, Manning also threw three interceptions. He now has thrown 12 interceptions this season, and is currently on pace to throw 38. Just for comparison, Eli’s brother Peyton Manning did not throw an interception in Denver’s first four games. In addition, Eli Manning was penalized three times for intentional grounding Sunday.